Days 7 and 8

Sometimes you have difficulty finding the time to run, and sometimes you just squeeze it in. Last night I went running 11:30pm, doing a lazy 3km in 20 minutes. Had been up early, worked in the garden, seen a fashion show, cafed, nicked sand from the beach, built a pizza oven, and then gone over to Dad’s place and put baby to sleep before watching the Welsh get pipped by the French in the Rugby World Cup semi-Final. Pretty knackered by the end of the day, but still managed to get out the door and run. Felt good by the end of it, and stretched before showering and crashing out. Proud of myself for getting out the door, but a bit staggered by the challenge of trying to live family life and also run daily.

Today, just shattered. Have decided my body isn’t ready for daily running yet. Will modify the challenge to 30 days running, with a rest day once a week, as I’m starting to get ill now and I can’t afford to lose time off work sick from overtraining and a lack of sleep.

So on the seventh day, he rested.


About 30daysrunning

A tubby bloke seeking to prove to himself that he can do something, however silly, for 30 days in a row.
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