Day 6

Good day, managed to hit the gym and knock off another workout. Body feeling pretty good. Thought I’d share my gym workout with you, as Chiharu was asking me about it and seemed quite interested in what I’ve put together. It’s a mash-up of physio exercises and my own ideas, which I had checked over by a gym personal trainer for balance.

My Gym Workout

Warm-up – about 10 mins

Skipping, slugging a boxing bag, and burpee stretches, in three sets of one-minute rounds, gets me warmed-up quickly. Always look forward to starting the gym sessions, love hitting the bag. Active stretches get everything working and smooth out the kinks before training hard.

Strength work –

Front squats at 30kg, or 40kg if I’m feeling strong. Good to start with a full-body workout.

Leg presses at 50kg – 70kg, light because it’s one-legged presses, with the board unscrewed to make it wobble and work your core. Takes some serious focus to complete with good form.

Assisted tricep dips – to think that I used to do these without weights to assist me … age and time are the ruin of us all.

Dumbell bench presses, while horizontal on a swiss ball – works the core, and gives better balanced muscle development using dumbells than a barbell.

Recovery Work –

I have a crook back (like half the world it seems) although mine is upper-back and was quite serious. Damn thing has plagued me for years, but it’s finally starting to come right, although I’m still weak as hell in the interior muscle between the shoulder blades. My main reason for training at the gym, and for running, is not vanity, it’s to sort out this weakness so I can get on with life fully at last. Over the years of trying to tackle it and beat it, I’ve come to enjoy exercise, but I wouldn’t say daily running or weekly gym sessions are a ‘way of life’ that comes naturally to me. Prefer books, movies, cooking and

All these exercises are for building strength between the shoulder blades in the lower trapezius, rhobiods major and minor, and to some extent in the infraspinatus and teres minor.

Bent forward one-arm rows with 17.5kg dumbell, 12 x 3 sets. Nice workout.

Lying flat on bench face-down, 1kg weights, lift arms out to sides until horizontal and then lower back to floor in 5 second lifts, 5 second holds, and 5 second lowers x 10 each set for three sets. Mentally demanding.

Lying flat on bench face-down, lift arms straight out to horizontal, thumbs pointing up, arms out from head in slightly V-shape. 5 second lift, 5 second hold, 5 second lower x 10 each for three sets. Killer.

Cardio –

Finish with 15 minutes on running machine. 2mins at 10kph, then interval training in 1min jog, 1min pace and 30s burst speeds, 2 min warm-down. Good quick workout, average speed 13.5kph.

So my run today was 15minutes at 13.5kph, after 45minutes of weight training. Run to sleep now!


About 30daysrunning

A tubby bloke seeking to prove to himself that he can do something, however silly, for 30 days in a row.
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