Day 4

Long day at work made the running challenge a challenge to fit in today. Went to work at 7am, and didn’t take a breather until about 5pm. Left work at 5:30pm, after a very complicated day out and about.

Home, look after Jubair and catch up with Chiharu, then bath and bed for little one, quick dinner and off to meet Aunt Gilda and her partner Deb to see Joe Bennett blather on, live on stage, about himself and everything else. Kind of like watching a cynical old Baptist preacher who has opinions on everything, but only really believes in his dog. Piki Mai projection bombing on the Cathedral was waaaay better.

Where do I fit in the run after a 10 hour day at work? Did a super short loop in the 10minutes between rushed dinner and leaving to pick up aunties. Glad to have pushed myself out the door, despite having already bathed, just eaten dinner and had a beer, and having only 15minutes before I had to be somewhere.

Running is becoming more fun, something to look forward to each day. Today’s run reminded me of how difficult it was when I first started running, when just 12 minutes running was a strain, when I used to get bored after 5 minutes on the road. Now I just feel like I’m warming up after 15 minutes.

Had trouble sleeping last night. Starting to feel the knock on effects of the running physically, in both good and bad ways. More alert, better posture, less back and lumbar pain. Hard to settle to sleep, slight anxiety, some lethargy midday, gnawing hunger at times. I’m sure all this will pass and my system will adapt to the running. More than anything, proud of myself for sticking with it. They say if you can do anything new, or give up anything you do, for three days, then you can do it forever. We’ll have to wait and see about forever, but I can definitely keep going at this for a while at least.

Right, to bed! Goodnight to anyone reading this. Please follow or post a comment if you are, just to let me know someone is interested in what I’m writing. Thanks!




About 30daysrunning

A tubby bloke seeking to prove to himself that he can do something, however silly, for 30 days in a row.
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