Day 3

The rain abated and so did the pain, and I rallied and sallied forth with my new trusty steed, Baby Jogger 9000, and little Jubair, and set out to jog upon the world at the close of the day. 

Had a great time running with baby. New pram is so quick I couldn’t keep up with it, it’s as quick as a bike, hence the new name I’ve coined for it – Baby Jogger 9000. It’s an original American model jogging pram that I picked up off Trademe last weekend, and it’s brilliant!

Did a medium-paced run over Bishopdale, about 50 minutes loop, felt great by the end of it. Have discovered that a good run can cure a case of sore legs from running too much, as legs were tight and sore at the start of the jog, but by the end I was flying along and now I have almost no pain at all.

Jean-Jubair loved it too!


About 30daysrunning

A tubby bloke seeking to prove to himself that he can do something, however silly, for 30 days in a row.
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