The 30 Day Challenge

30 Days


There was a clip on TED recently about trying something new for 30 days. The speaker, Matt Cutts, had been inspired by the film “Supersize Me”, a documentary of a vegetarian man who tried eating McDonald’s every day for thirty days and recorded the effects it had on him.

Matt Cutts decided to try doing some things he had always wanted to do just for 30 days, to see if he could do it. He tried cycling to work every day for a month. He gave up chocolate and sweets for a month. He wrote a novel in a ‘Write a Book in 30 days Contest’. He gained confidence and did things he never thought he’d be able to do. Some of the things he tried doing he loved, and continued to do after 30 days, such as cycling to work. He found other challenges, such as giving up candy and sweets,  much harder to continue. You can see more about his challenges on his blog 30 Days.

Taking inspiration from this TED clip, my wife and I chatted about what we could try doing for just 30 days. Here’s a short list of what we came up with to do everything for a whole month straight;

  1. Run
  2. Study Japanese
  3. Read a whole book
  4. Not do any cleaning fo
  5. Walk everywhere
  6. Practice a musical instrument
  7. Not drink any alcohol
  8. Write a blog
  9. Not touch anything electronic
  10. Write a letter to a friend

This is a blog to share my 30-day challenges. It should keep me motivated and honest, and I hope to also inspire others to try their own challenges and share them!

Thanks for joining me for this month’s challenge. It could be quite an interesting saunter along a new trail, or it might be a grueling hobble through a mountain pass. Let’s see.

Wish me luck!


About 30days

A tubby bloke seeking to prove that he can do something, anything, consecutively for 30 days.
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